Where to Write?


I write where the mood takes me.  I know some authors have a set or favorite place where all their writing takes place, e.g. a cozy corner of their house where their computer is set up and they can take breaks to look out of the window, or get a cup of coffee. They are more disciplined than I am.  I don’t have a set place.  I actually renovated a room in my house as a library, with built-in wooden bookshelves and a corner nook for my desk and computer in front of a window where I can look out onto the cemetery opposite. The cemetary has a pond in front of a really cool stone-arched chapel my grandkids call “the Castle” because that's what it looks like. See the illustration from Book 4, Gappy and the Thieves. The library was meant to be my writing place. I spent so much money on it, and it’s perfect.  It’s even got a fireplace.  The problem is, I seldom feel like writing there unless it’s a miserable day outside and the warm reddish wood glowing in the light of my fake gas fireplace is calling to me.  Maybe this is the reason I sometimes take my computer to a little artsy coffee shop.  Or sunk into a comfy couch at Starbucks or Panera’s, enveloped, I go where the mood takes me.  My issue is sunlight, or indeed any bright light.  I can’t get enough light, and I write much better with light.  In fact one of my favorite writing places is the parking lot of a park called Frear Park, which is just down the road from my house.  When I was writing Book 6, Gappy and the Witch's Curse, I found that I really enjoyed coming home from work and parking in the parking lot at Frear Park by the tennis courts.  I would write for hours, longhand, looking out onto a wide expanse of green grass peopled with the occasional kids playing a pickup game of softball, or a Dad flying a kite with his young son. I suspect that as I work on Book 7, or, rather, Book 1 of the Teen Vampire Adventures, which I think might be titled Gappy in Disquise, I'll be spending a good part of my after-work hours sitting in Frear Park.